Thanks so much for visiting, and sharing your time with me and my creations!  It's great to welcome guests at any time and from anywhere.  I would love to know who all has touched my portfolio, what brought you here, what you did or didn't like about the site or the content, and who you are.  Where are you from?  What are your passions?  Hope to hear from you soon!

Please say hello!

  • Tom Noble IV

    on April 4, 2021

    Su, your website home page montage is beautiful and calming. I look forward to viewing more of your art.
    My dad was a photographer for more than 20 years, starting as a combat photographer in WWII. He had a photo business that eventually failed, in a little Wisconsin town, and then took wedding photos for decades. Then he became a painter and did that for 20 years, and the graduated to carving whimsical wood figures, for another 20. I don't do physical arts, but have been a barbershopper for more than 60 years. Best of luck with this website! Cheers, Tom Noble

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