Self Portrait

Untitled photo

What about Su Buehler?

If you're like me, in order to keep balance in my life, I need to create.  Having come from a long line of creators in many genres, I had been exposed to many different mediums of artistic expression, and chose  photography as my paintbrush and canvas.  Although it has  taken me several years to become comfortable with the idea of artistry in photography, I've learned how powerful it can be as a way to show others the world through my eyes.

I bring colour, joy and calm to others through my photographs, and share the world that others may never see through their own eyes.  The world is such a great big place, and we are all looking to figure out how we fit in.  My hope is to bring us all together in one small, beautiful way.             

Please feel free to browse, and send feedback on this website.  I'm always interested in hearing what interests others.

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